It’s now just a bit more than 5 years from the time that Diffusion Imaging in Python (DIPY) was born. I am very happy to see the project growing and having now more than 34 amazing people contributing. This team is pushing the limits not only of diffusion MRI but also of medical imaging.

This is history in the making! DIPY is now used both in academia and industry. Hopefully, at the end of 2015 we will have our 1.0.0 release, with the 0.9.2 release coming in the following weeks.

alt text

This is one of the pictures I made using DIPY a few years ago. I changed the standard colormap of the streamlines to make them look more vintage. There is a suppressed artist hidden in every scientist. I am not an exception. So, let’s continue making both pretty but more importantly useful pictures for the scientific community.

Here is a quick summary diagram of what is currently available in DIPY.

alt text

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