I am very pleased to inform you that the paper

Garyfallidis et al., "Robust and efficient linear registration of white-matter fascicles in the space of streamlines", Neuroimage 2015, is now available online here.

This link below allows for free access of the paper for a couple of weeks

The main idea is depicted in the figure below. If you have a bundle, as a set of streamlines, you can directly register it with SLR to homologous bundles. The results are very robust to incomplete data which are omnipotent in tractography.

alt text

The SLR is a killer application for the world of diffusion MRI as it allows you to:

  1. Register incomplete bundles of the same type from different subjects.
  2. Create sharp bundle-specific atlases.
  3. Register left to right bundles directly for lateralization experiments.
  4. Perform efficient whole brain linear registration.

The method is already available in DIPY and I have a simple tutorial here

The next days I will upload new more advanced tutorials and show you how to generate the results of the paper with your datasets.

Happy hacking!